“Love is never wasted, for its value does not rest upon reciprocity”

— Neal A. Maxwell (via stayingfaraboverubies)

(Source: fluxing)

Guitar selfie.

A friend got me thinking that it has been 2+ years since I was formally performing.  

Sad day.  

Thank you internet for letting me keep my musical dreams (and delusions) alive.

I wrote a song about being a dad.  I figured my son might like to hear it when he’s an old man like me.  This is a rough take, I’d love to know what you think.


Warm Weather

I find myself increasingly inspired by wild places. Places protected for their beauty, a beauty that existed long before I could experience it. And in these wild places, I have found my friends, my family, myself and, above all, my God. How great is His love that He would spend millions of years washing away the earth’s crust to give us something as amazing as the Grand Canyon. Or that he would pour His perfection and master architecture into the tiniest of seeds, maturing into the mightiness of a redwood.

I am realizing that I can learn to be logical, that I can learn to persuade by fleshing out the facts and distinguishing the detail. At the same time, to truly convince requires an element that starts beating before we feel the air on our faces or the sun in our eyes, it requires heart. Or rather, to convince, comes from those things that are carefully given place in our hearts, benefiting from that uniquely fertile soil. From this grows convincing, and not simply persuasion.

The passion that has conquered me, in so many ways, is in those wild places. Allow yourself, while the weather is warm, to be cleansed by the dirt, scarred by the rock, and freed in the falls. This is beyond philosophy, beyond political affiliation, this is simply being human. Allow these wild places in, because they want to be, and you will find that you wanted it as well.